Who are we?
We are the ones who animate the plane of the picture. The 3D-Replica company was created in 2017 by a team of specialists who studied new technologies of volumetric printing and modern areas of its application. The first activity of the company was the development of technologies for creating 3D copies of paintings and reproducing them with 100% accuracy.
Who needs us
For the blind and visually impaired
Unfortunately, some people don't have the ability to see with their own eyes. Together with tiflo specialists, we create various relief images for them, such as prints of paintings, altars, frescoes, mosaics, icons, sculptures, and even buildings with decorative elements, and also smaller items: coins, jewelry, miniatures, lace, ornaments and much more that you can touch and see with your hands.
For artists and gallery owners
We want to offer artists the creation of accurate 3D copies of paintings with the possibility of replication. Also we want to offer gallery owners help in creating exact copies of the paintings, that are exhibited in your gallery! High-tech equipment and, as a result, unsurpassed print quality will be appreciated by You.
For interior designers
We create relief images based on paintings, photographs and individually designed designs and we apply them to various flat surfaces, including furniture elements. It may be interested to designers, decorators, architects, and anyone who is engaged in interior design.
What makes us unique?
Every day we make every effort to make our customers' lives better and happier.
Special technology
Paintings that use 3D-Replica technologies correspond to the original canvases in color and surface relief.
Stability of the product
Relief copies of valuable exhibits are not afraid of changes in temperature, humidity and sunlight. They don"t require special storage conditions.
We use safe materials (base material, paint), they it can be used in children's institutions.
We can make any number of copies of your painting for you at any time!
How we do it?
Creating a digital copy of the original
Our production chain is based on mastering the 3D design tool and modeling and consists of various digital stages.
Creating a file for printing
The file is created with all the conditions by modern technology to accurately reproduce a copy of the original.
Printing on a UV printer with quality control and compliance with the original
This organization of the process provides a result that meets the project objectives in all respects, with a guarantee of the established deadlines.
What have we already done?
3D-Replica company is a real creative laboratory of like-minded people, each of whom is an expert in their field, united by a common goal to help people.

For more than two years, we have been actively participating in different events, trying to bring our paintings to the world.

We believe that they will make the world a little better and happier.
Contact us
+7 (926) 980-48-84
Moscow, Gavrikova street 3/1, office 88
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